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Made in Taiwan
Manual Soap Dispenser
Manual Soap Dispenser (PRO20)068A-1
Manual Soap Dispenser 068A-1 In ABS
3 Months
5-10 Days
750 893
You save 143
Made in India
Aerosol Cans - Pack of 10 Pc's
Aerosol Cans - Pack of 10 Pc's (PRO5765)Toshi-AC-250ML - 10-P
Toshi-AC-250ML - 10-P
Toshi Premium Aerosol Cans for Air Freshener available in Flavours - Lavender/Sandal/Sea Green/Lemon/Musk
3 Months
5-10 Days
2,334 3,690
You save 1,356
Toshi presents the different styles for dispensers like, soap dispensers, paper dispensers & fragrance dispensers. Some dispensers include hand free designs sensor base which help to eliminate germs, save money and increase the period of time refills because of all of the different models, you can usually find one that fits your budget. Dispensers are getting to be more and more popular in hotels, hospitals, malls, public restrooms, airports, stadiums, & all commercial & industrial buildings.