Automatic Entrance Gates

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Available on request
Auto Sliding Gate Operator
Auto Sliding Gate Operator (PRO5446)Ditec Cross30E
Ditec Cross30E
Ditec Set-Cross30E Sliding Gate Operator Upto 3000 Kgs,magnetic limit switch, built-in control panel.
12 Months
20-30 Days
163,321 198,843
You save 35,522
Available on request
Swing Gate Operator
Swing Gate Operator (PRO5648)PM180M
Auto Swing Gate Operator for Gate Leaf Max 1000 Kgs
6 Months
20-30 Days
69,086 82,017
You save 12,931
Available on request
Swing Gate Operator
Swing Gate Operator (PRO5649)PM180L
PM180L is the deluxe version of Alcano Swing Gate Opener.Meeting the demand by the most
professional user to test the function limit of remote control automatic gate system.
Basic features:2-wired control system and integrating movement limit with motor.
Basic functions:    
(1) open up or close up in sequence
(2) automatically stopping function against extra resistance
(3) Infra-red interface    
(4) back-up power supply interface
(5) operating time limit protection
(6) optional single or dual gate wing close-up operation mode
(7) adjustable interval setting in sequent close-up
(8) adjustable operating time limit setting
(9) automatically stopping and running reversely against excessive resistance during closing-up
(10) interface for card reader and underground detector
(11) adjustable time setting for automatic close-up function
6 Months
20-30 Days
78,663 93,418
You save 14,755
Being one of the pioneers in the field of entrance automation - indutrial and over 23 Years of intense experience, TOSHI offers a wide range of Automatic Gates. Not only we o?er the most suitable features for any and every architectonic project, but we are also capable of customising finishes and colours to integrate our automatic gates in the environment in which they are located. Being one of the market leaders in providing automatic gate solutions, from the very outset we have been committed to technological advancements in order to provide our customers with the very best products adapted to each market, fulfilling their demands. Our products and solutions offers a variety of possibilities along with a complementing range of accessories to choose from.Our team of professionals who ensure nothing less but complete customer satisfaction. Automatic Sliding Gates :- A complete range for all your Industrial and heavy duty applications. Toshi Sliding Gates & Operates are designed to work even in case of intense usage and demanding environmental conditions. Cantilever Sliding Gates: Smooth & Quiet operations with no bottom support on ground level Available in Single & Bi -Parting Mode. Telescopic Sliding Gates: They offer the widest opening upto 2/3 of the space occupied by the gates, achieving maximum opening in minimum space. Retractable Gates: A Retractable gate is used to utilize minimum space for maximum utilization with security Gates are strong enough to with stand any worst weather conditions with special cross sectional designs. Swing Gates: A Swing gate with Automation is the simplest way to overcome Hurdels of Getting Running Setup of Manual Gates Automated with very less civil work. When a gate is too heavy to operate manually, an automatic swing gate operators is the perfect solution. Whether your gate needs are for intensive or minimum usgae, single or double, TOSHI swing gate have enough options to suit any particular requirements.