Automatic Sliding Doors Solutions

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Safety Photo Sensor
Safety Photo Sensor (PRO4304)Bea Microcell - 1
Bea Microcell - 1
Bea Infrared Safety Beam-Microcell 1 for Automatic Sliding Doors
6 Months
5-10 Days
5,795 7,130
You save 1,335
Available on request
Overhead Motion Sensor
Overhead Motion Sensor (PRO4292)Bea-Eagle 5(+) Black
Bea-Eagle 5(+) Black
Bea Overhead Sensor Eagle 5+ Black for Automatic Sliding Doors
6 Months
Over 30 Days
10,727 12,593
You save 1,866
Available on request
Wireless Receiver 433 MHz
Wireless Receiver 433 MHz (PRO4011)Bea-WPR
Bea Wireless Receiver Only for Automatic Sliding Doors
6 Months
20-30 Days
7,187 8,537
You save 1,350
Available on request
Overhead Motion Sensor
Overhead Motion Sensor (PRO3947)Bea-Eagle-6 Black
Bea-Eagle-6 Black
Bea Overhead Motion Microwave Sensor-Eagle-6 Black for Automatic Sliding Doors
6 Months
Over 30 Days
12,052 14,161
You save 2,109
Available on request
Automatic Sliding Door Operator
Automatic Sliding Door Operator (PRO5714)Toshi-DM880A
Automatic Sliding Door Operator ( DM880A ) Weight Upto 3Kgs in White Color
6 Months
Over 30 Days
43,968 52,286
You save 8,318

Automatic Sliding Doors in India

Being one of the pioneers in the field of Automatic Sliding Doors in India, with over 15 years of intense experience, allows us to offer a wide range of entrance access solutions for varied specific needs. Not only we offer the most suitable features for any and every architectonic project, but we are also capable of customizing finishes and colours to integrate our automatic sliding doors in the environment in which they are located.

Automatic Sliding Doors Suppliers

Being one of the market leaders in providing automatic sliding door solutions, from the very outset we have been committed to technological advancements in order to provide our customers with the very best products adapted to each market, fulfilling their demands. Our products and solutions offers a variety of possibilities along with a complementing range of accessories to choose from. Our team of professionals who ensure nothing less but complete customer satisfaction.

Our Automatic Sliding Doors solutions are elegant and modern. Their space saving feature subtly conceals it’s operators, giving designers and specifiers all the more convenience and freedom to use it for any facade. A variety of configurations, enables us to offer our customers a suitable automatic sliding doors solution for almost any entrance/ transit door solution.