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Toshi Spike Barriers are available in Concealed design (Flat – T model) and Exposed design (Hump - T model). They both are equipped with hot galvanized 165mm long pointed spikes to puncture tyre of vehicle trying to forcefully enter any restricted area. Being One of the Pioneers in the field of Secured Entrance Automation with over 25 years of intense experience,Toshi Offers a good range of Spike Tyre Killers, not only we offer the most suitable features for any & every project, we try to accomplish the needs as per site conditions. Manual Tyre Busters: A uni-directional spike tyre busters with lane flow restriction allows easy traffic control for one way movement. Electro-Mechanical Tyre Busters: A Bi-Directional Spike Tyre busters with Electro Mechanical Operating units allows restricted access to any area.