About Toshi Automation Solutions

Toshi Automation Solutions founded by Mr. Kapil Sachdev who has over 30+ years of experience in Automation.  With our group company Toshi International in Hongkong and Smartroof, New Delhi we offer entire range of automation solutions at most competitive prices backed by services and installation Pan India.

We are working in this field for the past 30+ years and have emerged successfully as a leader and an innovator in the world of automation solutions. We prove ourselves to be a trustworthy business partner and the provider of myriad products, solutions and applications for many automation products. Toshi trade with almost all kinds of automation products corresponding to the entrance and secured entrance automation products for industrial, commercial, institutional, public and the private sector.


Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be & present to the world a portfolio of quality automation in Entrance, Secured Entrance & Hygiene Automation that anticipate & satisfy customer’s desires and needs.


To deliver the most innovative & advance solutions to customers in area of automation systems inclusive of Entrance, Logistics, Security & Hygiene Automation that contribute to brand strength, establish a competitive advantage & enhance profitability, thus providing value to our customers.

Further, we also cater to the need of automation products related to hygiene automation for the Hospitality and Pharmaceutical sector. Precisely, our installation work extends out to airports, power generation sites, hotels, hospitals, theme parks, car parks and much more. We are determined to fulfill your demands within the budget norms. We are a team of great engineers functioning together for the development of the automation unit.

We know there are various e-commerce websites worldwide that are directly displaying and dealing with many customers and clients at the same time. However, it is interesting to share that our e-commerce website is the first of its kind in the entire world, today. Toshi  is here to bring and introduce new changes and benefits for the automation sector in India. Automation products are a boon to the new world machinery sector. Over the years, it has generated immense popularity for its tremendous usage and operational importance. Its usage is massive and has always been necessary for almost every automation functioning department in the world.

Toshi  is a meticulously reputed firm with many years of experience and expertise. As mentioned earlier, we are a highly reliable and genuine business partner. Our amalgamation is with the experts of one of the most renowned international brands of the world. Under our umbrella, we have brands like Dynaco, Dortex, Feego, Rib, Ditec among many others as our partners. Toshi portfolio is delivered by the most illustrious advertising company, PAN India. Thereby, we have a relevantly strong network of distributors and installers across the world. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best products, applications and solutions for the entrance, secured entrance and hygiene automation needs. We strive to deliver the best services to our clientele and customers through the possible end to end solutions.

The world is constantly developing and so are the new business ideas and their requirements. Therefore, it is expected to face new challenges all the time. Our excellent team is rigorously working hard and is constantly on the lookout for new innovations, modern designed products, with upbeat technological ideas and easy operation facilities. These products should definitely meet the industrial standards and certain specific requirements to fulfill the various demand and assure customer satisfaction.

Our superb range of products is available at the most reasonable and competitive prices. These are standardized products and are one of the most superior quality available. With us, you can worry less as all the new and sophisticated automation products are available together under one roof now. We also import certain products from parts of Asia, America and the European countries. We have a grand stock of all such products along with their respective accessories. It is clear that in the contemporary world, the demand for such products have increased by the day. They are regularly in demand and have gained immense popularity among the various business purposes. Since, these automation products have gained complete importance, it is a challenge for us to meet the upcoming demands of our customers.

In a nutshell, the Toshi  is the most sought after level headed company. We are your one stop solution for every kind of automation products. We are here to provide you with the most premier products and advanced solutions. Our vision is to empower the new age business firms with our products that are par excellence. We are here to administer our most effective and excellent services to our customers and support them in fulfilling their needs. These products are levied with the most latest and advanced technologies and are the best for any automation sector, which includes Entrance, Logistics, Security and Hygiene automation. Undoubtedly, these products are value oriented and prove to be highly profitable. There is nothing more flattering and satisfying than investing in something that is cost efficient, profitable and of course value laden. Our ultimate mission is to choose and deliver the best possible service to our customers. It is our dedication and hard work through which we have attained this position today.