WC Sensors

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Auto WC Flusher
Auto WC Flusher (PRO62)T-719
Auto WC Flusher -T-719
12 Months
5-10 Days
27,349 35,732
You save 8,383
Available on request
Automatic WC Flusher
Automatic WC Flusher (PRO61)T-719 B
T-719 B
Auto WC Flusher-T-719 B,Weight up to 2.72 Kg.
12 Months
Over 30 Days
17,947 24,036
You save 6,089
Stock Clearance
Touch Free WC Flusher
Touch Free WC Flusher (PRO4258)T-719 C
T-719 C
Auto WC Flusher T-719 C, Weight up to 2.19 Kg.
12 Months
5-10 Days
10,711 22,865
You save 12,154
Auto WC Flusher
Auto WC Flusher (PRO78)EF-02 Eco
EF-02 Eco
Concealed WC Flusher-AC (EF-02 Eco)
12 Months
10-20 Days
8,715 11,410
You save 2,695
Auto WC Flusher
Auto WC Flusher (O-PRO0293)T-6229 Eco
T-6229 Eco
12 Months
5-10 Days
12,675 17,360
You save 4,685
Auto WC Flusher
Auto WC Flusher (O-PRO0253)T-719 B Eco
T-719 B Eco
T-719 B Eco Eco WC Flusher Battery Operated Concealed Automatic Toilet Flusher with Push Button Flush
12 Months
5-10 Days
13,136 17,950
You save 4,814
Auto WC Flusher
Auto WC Flusher (O-PRO0292)T-1329 Eco
T-1329 Eco
12 Months
5-10 Days
21,251 29,124
You save 7,873
Auto flush is a especially useful feature available for public toilets as they require less maintenance than standard units. Public restrooms receive much more foot traffic than a domestic toilet. This increase the risk of spreading germs that can cause serious illnesses and diseases. having auto flush on toilets that all waste is disposed of quickly. Having hand free system can prolong the lifespan of your facilities due to less wear and tear and clumsy handling the fewer people that are touching your facility the less chance of potential damage. It is common practice for people to use their feet to try and kick flusher rather than use their hands, so having an automatic system