Entrance Automation

Commercial Sector
Technology has been kind and generous to provide the world with such extraordinary and exceptional automatism. In the contemporary world, the entrance automation products has generated a huge wave of demand and approval. On this note, Toshi Automation Solutions invariably associates itself with the selling of a wide range of entrance automation products in the commercial sector. These entrance automation products in the commercial sector are slightly different from the other respective sectors. The solutions in this arena are supplied in the form of shutters, barriers, sliding doors and so forth. This includes automatic sliding doors, automatic platform screen doors, automatic secured shutters, automatic boom barriers, automatic entrance gates and automatic swing doors. These automated products function according to its own mechanisms and programmed sensors. In a nutshell, the automatic sliding doors occupy the least amount of space and operates in a very smooth and quiet manner similar to the automatic sliding doors. The automatic platform screen doors are primarily based on inverter technology. It allows separate control of force and speed for the leaves, therefore, these doors are considered to have greater safety measures. The automatic secured shutters are well equipped and provide easy, dependable service. They are built within the permissible limits. The automatic boom barriers prove to be the perfect solution for having a completely safe access control of medium to high transit environments. They are compatible with all access control systems and thereby, ensure that its usage is made by the authorized people only. Similarly, the automatic entrance gates allow its users to perform their entry and exit in a hassle free way, without committing any security breech. These automation products are revolutionary in nature and are of world class origin. Our team of experts in Toshi Automation Solutions will adhere to all your requirements and will serve you with all the prime solutions possible.