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Secured Entrance Automation Services

Security has always been a factor of concern. Any particular event, office premises, residential areas, parking areas, defence areas , airport , hotels, embassies etc., require special security and protection. Our company Toshi Automation Solutions ardently deals with entrance automation products only. We have procured a relevant standard for ourselves dealing with the automation business and have generated a positive response regarding our work worldwide.

We at Toshi Automation Solutions offer a clear range of secured entrance automation products. Our anti crash secured barriers are designed with high technology and major crash rating properties that are perfect for highly secured entrance areas. The one on one security turnstiles incorporates advanced controlling features that ensure high user interfaces. They provide assured pedestrian control in high traffic areas. Both these products provide the maximum safety. Our stylish, smart security flap barriers are enhanced with automatic unmanned management. They are primarily used in areas with high volume of pedestrian access and that requires high security control. The Road Blockers and Bollards accords ideal solutions for the management, safety and design of high end security areas. The Spike tyre busters function as an access control barrier, preventing the passage of potential unauthorized vehicles. It is composed of heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground.

Our parking management system offers secured solutions for the management of parking areas with complete access control and authenticated money monitoring. Toshi have emerged as one of the successful leaders in the automation business. Our team of experts is looking forward to serve you with our best products.