For which kind of sites is Toshi E5 Zipper high-speed door specially aimed?

For which kind of sites is Toshi E5 Zipper high-speed door specially aimed?

February 02 2022

After several years working with clients of almost all industrial sectors, at Toshi Automation Solutions we are able to constantly adapt our solutions range to suit our customer’s needs and requirements. We continually develop new products that allow us to remain at the forefront of innovation and research in the High Speed Doors and industrial enclosure sector.

Our self-repairable high-speed door (model E5 Zipper) is a good example of this. This industrial roll-up door has a self-repairable function which ensures that the door automatically returns to its natural position after an accidental impact. In this case, the system will self-repair the situation after repeating the manoeuvre by guiding the fabric through the zip until it is in the correct position. 

This high-speed door is designed for indoor and outdoor intensive applications. It protects your environment from air currents, dust, pollution and humidity as well as increasing energy savings due to its high level of tightness. Toshi’s Self-Repairable High-Speed Door has been designed for its use in warehouses, logistic centres, stores and any kind of productive plant with an intense traffic of goods.

Some of the most important features of the E5 Zipper are:
  • EXCELLENT AIRTIGHTNESS: Blocks air flows thanks to the zip systems.
  • SELF-REPAIRING GUARANTEED: In the event of accidental hit, the door is automatically self-repaired.
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY ABOVE ALL: Two safety systems: sensor curtain and safety photocell.
  • WIND RESISTANCE: Wind resistance certificate obtained: Class 1/2

Image 1 - E5 Zipper door in combination with E5 Eco pro door combination
Image 2- Proper Sealing with Zip system

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