Retractable gate or traditional sliding gate ?

Retractable gate or traditional sliding gate ?

May 24 2022

  • Retractable gates are another automated gate by Toshi Automation Solutions, though it can be used as fences when more area is need to cover. Retractable gates are known as collapsible gates These are commonly seen in the shopping malls, hospitals, and other buildings as perimeters or fences just to surround the area.

    These are made of stainless steel or aluminum materials.  Basic patterns in which retractable gates are made are zigzag patterns in which Steel bars are attached to each other.  They can be operated using remotes or sensors. In Toshi retractable gates are provided with sensors so that if something comes on the way of the gate it won't go further.

    Retractable Gates are constructed in such a way that their kinematic links are joined together to have to-and-fro contracting & expanding motion with respect to each other. They can be made available in single or two bottom rails for its expanding and retracting motion.

     These gates have a flexible designed for security & control applications which gets compressed to a minimal space when in open position and do not require vast amount of space for operation in comparison with the conventional gates. It can give upto 70% clear openings. The normal size of these gates are 1-2 meters. The standard height is 1.6 meters. 

    How does a retractable gate work?

    Retract-A-Gate uses an internal spring to automatically rewind the mesh; no manual winding is required. The mesh can only rewind when the lock has been moved to the open position; preventing any inadvertent retracting of the mesh. The action of the Retract-A-Gate as it retracts smooth, steady, and quiet.


  • 1) These gates are suitable to restrict pedestrian entry/exit.
    2) Designed to work even under extreme climatic situation.
    3) Retractable gates are available in S.S/Aluminium material.
    4) Wide range of choice for gate design & patterns.
    5) Tracked or trackless gates can be provided as per the customized or site requirement.
    6) Drive and control unit can be integrated with various accessories to operate the retractable gates.
    7) The unique infrared collision avoidance system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles.

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