Toshi Automation Supports Earth Day

Toshi Automation Supports Earth Day

April 22 2022
Only we can save the planet. On the occasion of World Earth Day, let us all be determined to protect and preserve Mother Earth and create a better environment for the coming generation.
An award winning brand that pioneered Hygiene Automation in India with its first Sensor Tap launched in 1996. Today, Toshi Automation Solutions has 3 million+ satisfied users of its products

We help make Workplaces Safer with Automated solutions for Washrooms. To achieve this, we offer the following automated products:

  • Automatic Taps
  • Automatic Soap Dispenser
  • Automatic Hand Dryers
  • Automatic Urinal Flushers
  • Automatic WC Flushers
  • Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Automatic Atomizer or Fogging Machine

and more...

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Email: sales@toshiautomation.com