Why contactless sanitizer dispensers??

Why contactless sanitizer dispensers??

June 07 2022
Sanitize your hands without touching the Dispenser! Toshi Automation Solutions is delivering  Ultimate Protection Since 1992. Making Restaurants, Shops, hotels, Pharma sector, factories, offices, shopping malls, infection free with our products.

Automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are becoming a standard component in most for businesses, hotels, pubs, and public areas. A touchless sanitizer dispenser is one of the simplest tools to use to keep our hands clean. It’s an  effective product as it is controlled by a sensor and automatically distributes a standard volume of alcohol-based hand sanitizer liquid whenever it senses movement, such as exhibiting hands beneath it.
Touchless hand sanitizing dispensers can help reduce the risk of stomach and respiratory infections spreading through hands among colleagues. These devices have less interaction with various surfaces than a standard hand sanitizer.