Entrance Gates

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Auto Sliding Gate Operator
Auto Sliding Gate Operator (PRO5424)Ditec NEOS400EH
Ditec NEOS400EH
Ditec Set- Neos400 Sliding Gate Operator Upto 400 Kgs
12 Months
5-10 Days
62,130 96,564
You save 34,434
Auto Sliding Gate Operator
Auto Sliding Gate Operator (PRO5425)Ditec NEOS600EH
Ditec NEOS600EH
Ditec Set-Neos600 Sliding Gate Operator upto 600 Kgs
12 Months
5-10 Days
76,602 123,934
You save 47,332
Medium Duty Application
Auto Sliding Gate Operator
Auto Sliding Gate Operator (PRO5434)Ditec NEOS1000 EHP
Ditec NEOS1000 EHP
Sliding Gate Operator for gate upto 1000 Kgs
12 Months
5-10 Days
95,817 149,288
You save 53,471
Industrial Application
Sliding Gate Operator
Sliding Gate Operator (PRO5444)Ditec Cross18E
Ditec Cross18E
Ditec Set-Cross18E Sliding Gate Operator Upto 1800 kgs lever-operated limit switch, built - in control panel and radio receiver.
12 Months
5-10 Days
88,454 137,764
You save 49,310
Automatic Swing Gate Operator
Automatic Swing Gate Operator (PRO5428)Ditec Set Facil
Ditec Set Facil
Ditec Facil has been designed to be simple to install and easy to connect, being able to use many various types of motor it is highly practical. The ABS guard ensures good resistance against the weather and boasts a high quality and elegant finishes, simple and clean lines, and can blend perfectly to any type of entrance. 
12 Months
5-10 Days
96,496 156,568
You save 60,072
Available on request
Out of Stock
Auto Swing Gate Operator
Auto Swing Gate Operator (PRO5427)Ditec Set-Luxo3BH
Ditec Set-Luxo3BH
Ditec Set-Luxo Swing Gate Operator for 7 Meter(3.5 + 3.5)
12 Months
5-10 Days
92,435 137,176
You save 44,741

Automatic Sliding Gates and Operates

Being one of the pioneers in the field of entrance automation - industrial and over 23 Years of intense experience, TOSHI offers a wide range of Automatic Gates. Not only we offer the most suitable features for any and every architectonic project, but we are also capable of customizing finishes and colors to integrate our automatic gates in the environment in which they are located. Being one of the market leaders in providing automatic gate solutions, from the very outset we have been committed to technological advancements in order to provide our customers with the very best products adapted to each market, fulfilling their demands. Our products and solutions offer a variety of possibilities along with a complimenting range of accessories to choose from. Our team of professionals who ensures nothing less but complete customer satisfaction.

Automatic Sliding Gates:- A complete range for all your Industrial and heavy-duty applications. Toshi Sliding Gates & Operates are designed to work even in case of intense usage and demanding environmental conditions.

Cantilever Sliding Gates: Smooth & Quiet operations with no bottom support on ground level Available in Single & Bi-Parting Mode.

Telescopic Sliding Gates: They offer the widest opening up to 2/3 of the space occupied by the gates, achieving maximum opening in minimum space.

Retractable Gates: A Retractable gate is used to utilize minimum space for maximum utilization with security Gates are strong enough to withstand any worst weather conditions with special cross-sectional designs.

Swing Gates: A Swing gate with Automation is the simplest way to overcome the Hurdle of Getting a Running Setup of Manual Gates Automated with very less civil work. When a gate is too heavy to operate manually, an automatic swing gate operator is the perfect solution. Whether your gate needs are for intensive or minimum usage, single or double, TOSHI swing gate have enough options to suit any particular requirements.