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Remote Transmitter

Remote Transmitter

:    PRO1175
:    Rib Sun 4 Channel
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Sun 4 Channel Remote Transmitter

1. Continuous signal
SUN CLONE always emits a radio signal for a period of 1 second, regardless of how long the pressure was applied to its pushbuttons

2. Battery saving function
SUN has a POWER SAVIER to save the battery charge. If the button is pressed for more than 8 seconds, the remote will turn off automatically and come back on when there is a new pulse.

3. Battery low signal
SUN CLONE has a LED indicator with a steady light on during the command/control.
If the LED blinks, that means functionality is still provided, but it is recommended that you replace the battery as soon as possible. If the LED does not come on, the battery is weak and the command is not executed.

4. You can copy a MOON 433 remote transmitter.
SUN has a univocal code programmed at the factory. You can change this code manually by following a few simple steps:
1 – Press the A button for an instant on the SUN transmitter and then release it.
2 – Within 5 seconds press the B button on the SUN transmitter and keep it pressed for 5 seconds. The Sun transmitter LED comes on for 5 seconds and then goes off.
3 – Push (within seconds) the A key (DIP OFF *) and B key (DIP ON *) 10 times according to your preference.
* DIP ON or OFF are the positions of micro switches in the MOON 433 remote transmitter.

5. With SUN CLONE you can clone SUN, SUN CLONE, MOON and MOON CLONE.
Cloning lets you copy a channel or multiple channels from another remote or from several other remote transmitters MOON 433 – MOON CLONE – SUN – SUN CLONE.
It is possible to clone these models by following a few simple steps: Keep on hand the transmitter(s) already in the memory of the receiver(s).
1. Press the B button on the SUN CLONE remote TO BE PROGRAMMED AND THEN RELEASE IT.
2. Within 2 seconds press the A button on the SUN CLONE (Note: the LED is off) and hold it. After 5 seconds the yellow light starts blinking; now you can release the button. The LED will blink for 30m seconds.
3. During the 30 seconds, press a button on the valid remote transmitter (e.g. channel A, but it could bethe B or C or D channel) to register it in the SUN CLONE.
4. The end of cloning is indicated by the LED which stops blinking and stays solid for 3 seconds.
5. Subsequently, the LED starts to blink again for 10 seconds, indicating that the cloning procedure is starting. From this point:
a) If there are no other channels to be cloned, do not press any buttons and let the LED continue to blink until it turns off automatically after 10 seconds.
b) If there are other channels (e.g. B or C or D) to be cloned, or other remote transmitters, repeat from step 3.
At the end of the setup process, if there is only one cloned channel, that same channel will automatically be associated with all the keys on the SUN CLONE. Otherwise the buttons will be associated with channels A or B or C or D, in the same sequence in which they were cloned (point b).
Therefore, each button can be A or B or C or D.
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